Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Labor Day~My cute little Strawberry Dish

Summer is definitely here!  
I've been enjoying time outside and not cooking and baking like I would normally do in the cooler weather.  As a result my blog has been languishing a bit.  
I never thought I'd say it.... but I really am looking forward to more tolerable weather.  

I recently picked up this cute little dish for my Sweetheart Kitchen and love it so!  
Best of all it was only 50 cents!  How could I ever resist such cuteness?  

We're been invited to a labor day Barbecue and I'm wondering what to bring for the potluck.
I really want to try something that I haven't made in the past year so will have to go through my recipe archives and see what strikes my fance. 
I'd love some suggestions if you have them!  

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend! 


  1. The strawberry dish is adorable. How fun to find it for practically nothing.

  2. Haven't seen ya around for awhile-just checking in with ya! Miss your posts :)...hope you're doing good.

    1. So sweet of you to stop by by and say hello! Life has been quite busy and summer has been so hot!!! I hope to be blogging very soon!

  3. Hi LIL!
    Well, we're at Rednesday #3....Love the strawberry dish,,,Berries are the Best!!
    Bring you're dish and join Rednesday Wednesday

    1. I hope to join in soon! I'll be blogging more regularly since it's much cooler!

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