Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jalapeno Poppers

I had these for the first time about 2 weeks ago at a graduation and they are absolutely stupendous!  Even the hubs was asking when we'd have them again.  It's something about the spiciness of the jalapenos and the texture and coolness of the cream cheese.  Add bacon to the mix and it's a wonderful combination~  oh yeah!  
1 pound of bacon
8 jalapeno peppers, firm and smooth
1 block of cream cheese
Cut jalapenos in half and remove seeds, membranes and stem. 
Spread some cream cheese in each one and place on greased cookie sheet.  I wish I had a baking rack to lift them off the pan but I don't.  
Cut your entire package of bacon in half and wrap a slice of bacon around each popper.  I didn't secure mine with a toothpick but will do that next time since they unwound themself during baking.
Bake at 350 for 20 to 25 minutes
I'm feeling the need to mention that neither my hubby and I like extrememly spicy food.  We do love foods with a little kick but nothing that will set your mouth on fire.  The jalapeno peppers really do get mild when baked in the oven and are not overpowering.   
Spicy, creamy and bacony.  Just delicious!