Monday, November 18, 2013

Homemade Whipped Cream

I have sweet memorites of my Mom making up a batch of homeade Whipped Cream for the tops of pies and desserts during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Oh how good that stuff was and I was quickly able to discern the difference between the 'real' stuff and the stuff that comes frozen in a tub.  The real stuff is AMAZING and it's so easy to make!
Whipped Cream,  Whipped Cream
I never measure but here I've used the entire half pint and about 1/8 cup of sugar or more depending on your taste and if you like it sweet or not. 
My Ruby Red Kitchen Aid waiting to be used~!
Add the cream and sugar to your bowl and whip up until it thickens. 
Don't overmix or it will seperate....
...and mix until peaks form.
The Whipped Cream should stand up on a sp
Whipped Cream, Whipping Cream
On to the best part... enjoy! 
Whipped Cream, Whipping Cream
Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a dollop of Fresh Whipped Cream on the top dessert.  Or to just eat from a spoon!  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My new Cricut!

I've always wanted a Cricut Paper Die Cutter and finally found a used one for an awesome price!  I wanted to have it before the winter set in so I'd be able to do some crafting in the colder months.  
There is a definitely learning curve as I'm trying how to learn how to use this contraption!  
Above is my first card and below is my first envelope.  
With all of  the leftover pieces of paper I've been using them to make some odds and ends for tags and layering.  
I hope to post more projects as I learn!