Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My sink is Sparkling!

Isn't my porcelain sink just beautiful??? 
I've not had a porcelain sink in SO long that I forgot how lovely they are! 
It literally gleams!
 This week I'm working on the bedroom.  
 I've arranged and cleaned the kitchen and living room and have done very little in the bedroom.  
It seems that since no guests go in the rear of the home that it is the last room to always get done.   
We were given a nice, new comforter set and *silly me* keeps telling myself that I should use it 'later' and keep it for something special.  Being overseas for so many years had that effect on me~ 
that I should save things for special times because I might never have that chance to have it again. 
Well, I've decided that NOW is later and that
I am special.  ;)
Why shouldn't I enjoy it in the here and now and I'm kicking that thinking out!  
There really is NO good reason so on the bed it went! 

Progress pictures to come as we decorate and get things tidy. 

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