Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Living Room

Here are some pics I took of our living room last week. 
Everything in the room we inherited from our friends who were previously living here which is awesome because we have no need to rush to paint and buy furniture quickly.  I love the no pressure tactic we are taking and the room looks nice already, doesn't it? 
We get lovely natural sunlight coming in our front windows and this is my fave part of the living room! 
We need to fill some nail holes, replaster and repaint and I'm still on the fence about going with a pale yellow or an earth tone.  The walls are already an earth tone- difficult to tell here in this pic- but it looks very pretty. 

This is my inspiration picture for my living room.  
My heart's desire is to have earth tones and a pop of color here in the
living room starting with the couch. 
I originally wanted red for the sofa and accents but we've been window shopping and it is difficult to find a sofa that is true red. 
We've found a few brick red and burgundy but I want a cherry red that looks 
bright, modern and bold!
I might have to settle for plum (if I can find that color) so we'll see. 
I think Ikea has both colors but it's quite a ride over that way. 
I hope to match the window treatments to my future color of choice.
More to come as we progress~


  1. You really have a nice space to work with, Lil. It is pretty already. Love the sunlight you get and those hardwood floors. Good luck with your decorating. You've got some great ideas. Love the inspiration room too.

  2. Thank you so much Lisa! I enjoy reading your blog!!!