Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And God remembered Noah

Genesis chapter 8:1a
And God remembered Noah,

As God remembered Noah God also remembers me. I am on God's mind.
 God didn't forget Noah and He hasn't forgotten me either.
 Noah had been on the ark for 7 months! I rarely hear people bring up the fact that Noah was hard at work because he surely was NOT on vacation.
  Maintaining and repairing the ark, feeding all of the animals, cleaning where the animals live. Scooping poop!
 I'll bet you he wondered when the end would come after scooping
all of that poop for over a half a year.
 Perhaps it was then that Noah thought that God had forgotten him.
 I can imagine the lies the devil was telling Noah.

"The waters will never dry off the land and you will be here for eternity"

"God has forgotten about you for the past 6 months and do you think He thinks of you now?
 There is no hope!
You will die on this smelly ark"

"You work on this boat all day and all night and you think God is sparing your life?
 Your life is ruined as well as the lives of your wife, sons and daughter's in law"

"The only thing you are good for is shoveling mountains of poop!"

In light of everything it is no wonder that the bible reading is relevant to me today.
 God has not forgotten me. God remembers me and God also remembers
you no matter what the situation.
 God does not forget.

Lord, thank you for remembering me.
These words ring in my soul and bring peace to my heart.
Thank you for being a faithful and loving God who has been constant in my life in spite of myself.
I don't have anyone that would care for me like you do.
Thank You for your amazing love.

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