Monday, January 21, 2013

Closet Challenge~ Clothing Purge

This week I'm in the Master Bedroom and adjoining hallway closets for heavy cleaning.
I saw something recently online that really piqued my interest.  It was a one year challenge. 
You turn around all of the clothing that is hanging on hangers~ turn them around backwards. 
As you choose something from your closet and wear it, you turn the hanger and garment around the 'right' way after you wash the garment.  After a year all the clothing that hasn't been turned around can be donated to charity.  It's painless! 

Here's my closet before~
I've got 3 laundry baskets on the top shelf of my closet that hold knits and sweaters that will stretch out if I put them on hangers.   
One for cardigans style sweaters and knits~
One for pullover type knits and sweaters~ 
And the last one is for 'over' sweaters that are very breezy and bolero (short waisted) type sweaters mostly worn in the spring or as an extra layer over a turtleneck or long sleeve top.
My clothes all reorganized and turned backwards.
And laundry baskets all put back in place.
I purged about 5 garments out of my closet this morning.  I KNOW I can purge more and I'm really looking forward to the passing of one year so I can see what I really love and wear.   
I have 3 criteria of what I want in my closet:  
Do I love it? 
Does it make me feel confident?
Am I wearing this for myself or for the expectations of someone else?
It's so easy to hold onto garments for sentimental reasons or until the perfect time when I will be at __ weight.  By that time those garments will be out of style and I might as well buy new stuff! 
My closet is finished! 

Join me in turning your hangers backwards!


  1. This is such a great idea. About a year ago I got rid of over half of my clothing and shoes. I really could do it again. I keep myself on a strict buying budget too. Only as needed and one pair of shoes per season. Winter and summer for us.

  2. Thanks Elaine for stopping by! I love your blog! I'm hoping by the end of the year I'll accomplished a bunch in my closet!

    The rest of the house is pretty much decluttered but we still have a bit in the basement we need to junk and sort through from our move.

  3. This is a wonderful idea! Most of the contents of my closet would be gone if I did it...

  4. Hope this helps you simplify your life! Someone will enjoy getting your discards.

  5. Hi Julie!

    I know and completely agree! I will see exaclty where I stand after a year! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Me too Daisy! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Organization feels so great! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Thank you Fairhope! It DOES feel good! So glad you stopped by to visit!

  9. I like a neat closet too. Your idea for knits in plastic baskets is great. I'm going to do this same thing soon.

  10. Your comments are always sweet and encouraging Balisha! Thank you! I'm glad I could help even in the tiniest way!

  11. Now why didn't I think of that? Using laundry baskets on the top shelves for my purses. I just throw them up there and half the time pushing them back so they don't fall off! Putting them in a container makes a lot of sense, duh!
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us.

    1. I say the same thing Lessandra! There are so many things I wonder how I never thought of them!