Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 'One Word' for 2013

New Years Resolutions lead to broken promises and dissapointment before the year gets off to an end.  How many people really keep their New Year's Resolution?  Not many!
 This year I'm losing the resolutions and choosing one word to live by and to be intentional about. 
A byword is a word or expression summarizing a thing's characteristics or a person's principles. 
So, this year as my byword, for the year of 2013, I've chosen the word 'grace'. 
Grace of God
Such a simple word but yet so profound and can pierce the heart and soul of a person. 
I need to look beyond the length of my own arm and see the need to extend grace to others even when I don't understand the complete picture.  
I need to extend grace to my dear husband when I become impatient with him. 
And mostly I need to accept the grace that God has so freely given me and learn to forgive myself.  


  1. Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home! I featured you today!

  2. Oh me oh my! Thank you so much! ;)

  3. Oh what sweet blessings you have given me today by visiting my blog! Grace.... what a word, I look forward to experiencing it and giving it in 2013 and beyond :)

  4. Well, what do ya know... that's my word for 2013, too ;) I'm a big ol' work in progress when it comes to grace.

  5. Shannon! I don't know how I missed your comment but I thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! It is so appreciated!

  6. Shandy! It's a wonderful work to meditate on every day throughout the year!