Sunday, February 17, 2013

Homemade Bunuelos/Sopaipilas

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And now on to the main reason for posting!  

Bunuelos/Sopaipilas can be made with store bought flour tortillas or by rolling out your homemade flour tortilla dough and frying it in oil.  The 'real' homemade ones are SOOOOOO much better but the store bought version are pretty a~ok too! 

Just fry your rolled out dough or storebought tortillas in some oil, let them drain, and then sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on the top of them.  They are so yummy!  
Great with coffee or on the side of a dish of ice cream.  
Some people call them bunuelos and other people call them Sopaipilas.   Fights might ensue about which is the right term but I just say 'either' and call them very, very good! 
By the way, Frugal Friday Linkup starts TOMORROW~  I do hope you join us with all of your frugal tips and hints on how you save money!  Please do join us!  


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  1. Congrats on your new blog-you did a great job and it is really, really cute and pleasant. Your sopaipilas recipe sounds terrific!

    Thank you for you comment on "Kindness," it was great to hear from you!

    Hope your week is filled with kindness!

  2. Oh my I have tortias left from the weekend I am going to have to make these today for the kids. I know they are going to love them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These sound delicious! I am your newest GFC follower. I wanted to thank you for stopping by today and leaving me a sweet comment on my Cherry Blossom Branches post. I hope you'll visit again soon. Have a great week!

  4. that looks delicious! thursday night we went to a mexican restaurant and got strawberry nachos. it was basically this recipe topped with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. so good!

  5. you have mentioned nice recipes of pictures so that i love them , thanks for sharing me

  6. Anna~ thanks so much for stopping by! How did you like them? ;)

  7. Thank you Jemma for the sweet comment and for stopping by!

  8. Thank you Nici! I enjoy reading your blog!

  9. Thank you Bulbul hotels for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  10. Sure looks like a great recipe! My husband, especially, would love it.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!

    If you want to reply to comments, you can add the "threaded comments" in your comments settings. That way your response will be immediately after the comment you're responding to. And the commenter can respond to your comment, if she wants to. Just a tip.

  11. YUM! I had these years ago at a restaurant and they were delicious... glad to know how to make them now! Thank you :-)

  12. Thanks for hosting Claudia! I will definitely try the threaded comments!

  13. Leisa,
    Did you see the comment above by Bugs and Sunshine about Strawberry Nachos? To this recipe you add strawberries and whipped cream. Oh me oh my!

  14. How simple...they sound delicious.

  15. Will cook these up this evening! I have all the ingredients! Thanks for sharing!
    Selene @

  16. thank you Balisha for your sweet comment! I always enjoy you stopping by!

  17. Thank You Selene for your encouragement! So glad you stopped by!

  18. This sounds good...and best of all, easy as well :)

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