Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Everyday Cost Cutting Strategies to Save Money~!

We're trying to save money wherever we possibly can and I decided to write down all of the ways I've been trying to be frugal~ they are.  I've put a *** by all the ones we are implementing and hopefully soon more will be added.  This is an ongoing work and we always want to try new things!  If you have any other ideas please comment~  I'd love to hear them!  

Cut your dryer sheets in half.  Better yet, make your own homemade dryer sheets!

Cut sponges in half.  (will do this my next sponge!)
***Make your own bread.  It’s tastier and cheaper!
***Shop Second Hand for clothing.  It’s a~MAY~zing!
***Make a price book to compare costs of groceries at different stores.
***Decorate on a Dime!  Forget retail and go thrift. 
It might take longer to complete but it’s SO worth the challenge and money you will save!
***Make food from scratch.  Those packages that sell in the meat department with all the veggies and meat you need in one package?  Skip them!  They cost more.   Make your own hamburger helper~like foods from scratch. 
***Shop Loss Leaders.
***Skip processed food~  it’s expensive. 
***Make your own laundry detergent.
***Make your own homemade cleaners.
***Use your freezer.  Buy meat on sale and then freeze it.
***Freeze Milk.  Smaller containers are usually more expensive than a half gallon. 
Buy a gallon and freeze half. 
***Make your own soup from scratch instead of buying a can.  It's more healthy and tastier!
***Make a grocery budget and stick to it.  Don’t overspend.  If you fall short this week you can always get that item next week.  It will all even out. 
***Buy Generic Brands.
***Don’t drive all over town to shop sales.  With the cost of gas it really adds up. 
Use 3 or 4 grocery store/outlets closest to you.

***Drink Water.  I know this one is hard, but how many glasses of water do I drink daily, weekly, monthly?  How does that amount compare to what I should be drinking?  How much money can I save if I skip soda pop and other expensive drinks? 
***Eat at home and have food prepared so you're not tempted to eat out.  Preperation saves the day!
***Eating out?  Skip the drink and get water instead.  Your bill will be much cheaper if you order a burger and fries alacarte.  It's also more healthy!

***Stop buying trash can liners for smaller trash receptacles.  Use your plastic bags that come from the grocery store and other shopping.  

***My friend told me this and it was something that I didn't know about!  Whenever we drive by/go by Wal~Mart we stop in an buy a gift card and we put our 'gas money' on the card.   We use it to pay for our gas and save 3 cents a gallon!   We're usually in the store anyhow and the gas station and Walmart are in the same parking lot so it's pretty convenient.  Walmart has the cheapest gas in our area.  So far we've saved $1.25. 
Who knows how much money we'll be able to save? 

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  1. Those are all good things to work towards! We do most of them. We cut our dryer sheets in half and I've found that you can get several uses out of them.

    The water drinking took us a little while to get into. But now we only drink soda very rarely. Which is good because it's so expensive now!

  2. Thanks Manuela! Your blog is one of my very faves to read and I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. All good ideas!

    Some of the electricity plans let one save money. Just don't get the one that dings you for actually using some electricity in off time. In our former home we forgot once and ran the pool in off hours and it cost us over 50 dollars to run it for a couple of hours.

  4. 8)(8, that doesn't sound like fun~ especially coming when you didn't expect it! I'll have to look into that! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  5. Great money saving list! I do all of those except I haven't been making my own launrdy detergent. I used to but, one of my blog sponsors is Purex. So I have been lucky in receiving free detergent for a couple of years now. Thank you so much for sharing this list with everyone at TTF. I LOVE these kinds of posts! They help us all keep our budgets in line!

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it Diann! We're trying to save here and there in so many ways and hope it adds up to big savings. Every little bit counts!

  7. Good ideas! Some of them are super easy too like cutting a sponge in half. What an easy and smart way to save some $. Thanks!

  8. Great money saving tips! Loved the cutting the sponge in half...going to try that! I gave up on fabric softener and dryer sheets a few years back. The family and I honestly do not miss it at all, especially when you see all of the yucky chemicals that are used to make that "softness". :) Thanks for all of the great tips! Teresa

  9. Thanks so much Renee! So glad you could use a little something!

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. I've been using vinegar for fabric softener and it works fine. I totally agree Farmgirl!