Thursday, May 30, 2013

Creating a Home Binder~Part 2~ Weekly To~Do List

f you haven't seen the first installment on Creating a Home Binder you can find it here. 

The next portion of my Home Binder is a weekly To Do List.   
It's a working journal and so it's not very pretty.  It works for me.  ;)  
This list might seem long but it only takes a few minutes to do these things. Two things I get done every week are change my sheets, vacuum and a detailed wiping down of the floors in the main bathroom.   I might not get everything else finished in a week so I check everything off that I complete and finish it the following week.

No stress and no pressure with rotating tasks.

Here's my list in detail.  

Dust all surfaces
Clean all Window Sills and Blinds
Condensations on all Windows
Wash Bedding/Change Sheets
Thoroughly clean floors in bathroom
Wipe down laundry room
Quick Clean Basement and Guest bathroom
Wipe down Furnace
Clean Windows downstairs

Love these Vintage Home Journal covers!  
(vintage photos courtesy of Ladies Home Journal)
I'd love to hear about your Home Binder!  Do tell!  
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  1. Those vintage Home Journal covers are so attractive!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!

  2. I can see and know things I need to do, but it is I just do not have the energy some days. I get more energized at night, than days. However, I do not want to be a night person either.

    1. Me too LV! I don't either but I set the timer and do it in 15 minute increments. That way it doesn't seem so daunting!